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Virtual Pyro, information about CFD fire simulation and visualization

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All the images and simulations presented here were rendered with my own render technique (mixture of fuzzy blobs, micro 3d textures and splats using opengl), it was implemented as a plugin for the VU scientific visualization software, and as stand alone visualisation program. The simulations were conducted either with my own fire CFD code ( complex turbulence, hierarchical - octree like solving of reactive Navier-stokes, and simple chemistry) or the NIST Fire Dynamics Simulator (full blown complex chemistry pyrolisis model).

Backdraft Simulation

This is a video of a complex backdraft simulation taking place in a house kitchen.
The simulation includes CFD gas dynamics, full chemistry, pyrolisys simulation, fire propagation and real fluid turbulence.
It shows the stratification after all the oxigen of the room is depleted and gases start to cool down, and the formation of the fire ball once the kitchen door is opened producing a massive sudden influx of fresh air.
Colors come from blackbody emission and optical properties of the chemicals/materials on fire.

Quicktime video weights 2.8MB.


  House Fire Simulation
     Fire taking place in a modern typical Canadian (mostly wood) style house.

 house fire

  Complex fire in a section of the tunnel Louis-Hippolite-La-Fontaine in Montreal

     This simulations of a section of the tunnel L-H-La fontaine were conducted to study the efficacy of the ventilation system to evacuate fumes and the way it affected the fire propagation speed.
     Given the size of the simulation domain and our limited computer resources we restrict ourselves to the northern part of the tunnel. This simulation is the most complex made with my fire CFD code that needed to be modified to be able to cope with the incredible range of detail for the turbulence produced by the complex ventilation system of this tunnel and the high level of detail of the 3d models of the cars.

fire tunnel perspective anim   fire tunnel side anim

  Simple tunnel fire simulation
     This an image of a simple car tunnel fire to study the efficacy of the ventilation system to clear up the smoke and toxic fumes.
     Also a visibility study was conducted on this case.

tunnel simple

  Indoor Fire tests
     These are some tests of indoor fire propagation over complex objects.
     The image on the left shows the complex flame surface and flamelets used for the simulation (click on the image for the video of the flame propagation without showing the flamelets).

cuisine fire    atf flame surface

  Siggraph Poster - CFD and Realistic Visualization for the analysis of Fire Scenarios
     This is a poster I presented on the poster session of siggraph 2004.

      the full real size image of the poster weights 1.7MB.

poster siggraph 2004